Spoiler Alert! If you have not yet completed Subnautica, you will encounter spoilers using this app.

Welcome aboard, Captain.

Subnautica PDA is a second-screen companion app for the game Subnautica. It was made to assist with crafting recipes and other helpful reminders. It is best used on a phone or tablet, while playing the game on PC or console.

To use Subnautica PDA: Click the wrench icon for a complete list of blueprints. Click a category to see the items in that category, and click on an item to add it to your personal List. Those items will appear here, in place of this welcome message. To get back to this message, just clear out your List, by clicking the eye next to each item. To keep any other miscellaneous reminders, use the Notes view by clicking the note icon. All of your items and notes will be saved if you leave the app and return later.

This app uses material from the Subnautica Wiki at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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Found in:

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Crafted from:

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